Keith Price | UX Director


Hi, I'm Keith.

I am a User Experience Director living in Brooklyn, NY. I have been working in interactive design and development since 1999, with additional experience in creative direction, print design and photography.

To me, being a UX designer isn’t about having all of the answers. It’s not simply knowing best practices or cool interaction patterns. It’s about creating opportunities for true empathybetween designers, businesses and their usersin order to reach a deeper understanding of who we’re really designing for and why. If you can achieve that, then the rest is just getting shit done.  

I love building small, focused teams where every person is part of the conversation, feels a sense of ownership, and has their hands in the product. My ideal design approach: Just enough upfront research to make smart, informed decisions. Extensive, collaborative concepting. Prototype. Test and learn. Refine and repeat.